samsung s 9 cell phone hidden features

Samsung s9 cell phone features

Our phone store presenting you the one of the most powerful cell phone on the market and i'm going to be going over the capabilities of this cell phone that you may need to remember if you're thinking about shopping for this cell phone, i'm going to tell you functions which are made by this smart phone, so simply going to the top things about this handset.

1.Display :

If we talk about this cell phone ,first we need to talk about this display,the display of his handset is the thing that you have gonna be searching at the maximum on your phone and the displays on the s 9 cell phone and s9 plus are a quad HD plus super  AMOLED display is coming in at a resolution of 29 65 1440 and due to the fact those displays  and take gain of the audrina 630 GPU which is also part of the snapdragon 845 that means that those displays can genuinely push up a few certainly desirable fine.The truth that displays are a little bit brighter than last year it means the samsung made the nearly perfect affinity display even better.

2.Intelligent scan :

Now we're gonna talk about this cell phone's Intelligent scan mode which is going to be using iris scanning and also facial recognition to be able to allow you to securely unlock your phone without having to use a pen pass or draw any type of pattern,now this moment is gonna be switching between the two depending on the situation.

3.Gigabit LTE :

Gigabit LTE is made possible by the new x20 modem that's part of the qualcomm snapdragon 845 chipset as well and this allows you to get very fast download speeds especially over cellular,so if you're out on the go you don't have the connection to wifi you're still gonna to be able to download large files or movies and things like that very quickly,because you can get up to 1.2 gigabites per second as a download speed using this s9, and this easily puts the s9 towards the top of the pack minich to making sure you have a fast mobile connection.

4.Super slow- mo mode :

There is super slow-mo mode on this cell phone. So this mode allows you to record 720p video and 960 frames per second and as you can tell from this videos, its a very fun thing to be able to do especially you're trying to capture fast moving objects and i like the fact in the software  that the camera can automatically detect something as fast-moving and go ahead and record that, so you don't have to do anything just pointing at your subject and as soon as you start doing something fast it will slow down, so this is just something really cool that shows off the power of this cell phone. 

5.Variable aperture :

This camera has a mechanical function and this allows the camera to automatically adjust between the two apertures.If you're out in direct sunlight or if you're indoors in a low light situation it can choose which one is going to be the best for those environments so you can get the best picture as possible so you can control this in pro yourself and mainly switch between the two but ultimately most people are just going to be using your camera in auto mode and this allows the camera to do a lot of the thinking a lot of the work for you and this is really one of the biggest features as far as camera advancements in a smartphone that you're going to see in the market right now. 

Samsung s9 cell phone details and specifications :

samsung s9 comes with 4gb RAM.And multiple types of ROM's are available (64gb),(128gb),(256gb).
This cell phone comes with multiple colors Coral blue,Lilac purple,Midnight black.
It has 3000mAH battery.
Battery type is lithium ion battery.
This handset display come with 14.73 cm (5.8 inch ).
It has super amoled type display.
This cell phone has Android Oreo 8 version.
this smartphone weight is 163g.

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