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Our phone store brings you the most favorite cellphone Realme 2 pro.
Here i'm gonna inform you the functions of realme 2 pro cell phone. Realme 2 pro comes with the color OS on top of android 8.1 oreo and the color OS is the UI which we've got visible on oppo smartphones.So realme 1 and realme 2 pro additionally comes with the coloration os. This is a price range cellphone it would not seem like reasonably-priced there may be a restriction to how a real me can change each technology due to the fact their launch agenda is so brief,so one of the simplest ways they differentiate their new smartphones is the use of aesthetics and true to shape the back has a gorgeous new paint process that catches the mild.The  front of the cellphone has narrow bezels and a fashionable water droplet notch,it holds the selfie camera and tiny earpiece.You cannot cover the notch, however it isn't always very evident.You can additionally choose whether it cuts into complete screen content are not depending at the app, so that you can game with the notch,and watch movies without it or vice versa.
The realme 2 pro cellphone feels best inside the hand and has a solid weight notwithstanding being made of plastic completely of plastic.That includes the metallic like paint process on the edge of the cellphone and the glass like back.There's no waterproofing both however in reality it is going to be stunned if they give it at this price.After that what you do get is a brief face unlock with a 120 recognition points and a fingerprint reader it's simply as speedy.The face release is not pretty as comfortable as Apple's, however you cannot fool it with a photograph.
Even at a first glance the screen is much progressed ,it is massive in the 6.3 inches IPS LCD has a 1080p resolution,it additionally has first rate pixel density and if you operate for a warmer color temperature in settings it becomes very color accurate for its glass.The panel gets nicely vibrant at greater than 530 nits and is flawlessly usable exterior despite being an LCD the cellphone also has deep blacks and thus has an great contrast ratio in brief it is considerably nicer than the realme 1 &2.With it is 19.5:9 component ratio it's a tall cellphone and can be a piece of a stretch,if you're swiping from the top.
It comes with a descent quantity of storage and it supports upto 256 gb with a micro sd card.The realme 2 pro has a smaller battery and a greater effective chipset than  the realme 2.So unsurprisingly it has a miles lower battery persistence, however thinking about the realme 2 had monstrously long life the 2 pro still scored a great analyzing on a proprietary assessments.
Realme 2 pro makes use of a snapdragon 616 chipset it truly is slightly under clocked, this makes it a bit slower than smarthones like the Xiaomi A2 in benchmarks however in real life you do not need notice a slowdown and the phone never heats up or throttles this handset comes with 4,6,or 8 gb's of RAM.
When comes to the software the 2 pro comes with oreo 8.1 and colour OS on top,this is a acquainted UI to all people who's used an oppo cellphone within the past, however enthusiasts of sock android will be dissatisfied making subjects worse there is no theme save which means that you're caught with a default theme and the lack of app drawer except you put in a third-party launcher like Nova,however it turned into tough to evaluate a way to swipe for currently open apps,and how to swipe for for the app drawer nonetheless regardless of being feature-rich.The UI does not experience very laggy,and the navigation feel very intuitive.There's an edge bar it truly is reminiscent of of samsung's phones and it with ease holds a few shortcuts of your selecting like fb,youtube etc., i assume pressing the power button and lower button simultaneously saves greater the time.

Camera features for this cellphone :

You'll locate quite a few enhancements there to the dual camera setup now functions a brighter F 1.7 major lens with an upgrade sensor.In daylight hours photos are sharp with lots of element extremely good comparison and great shades,the dynamic variety isn't the fine however this is in which the HDR comes in particularly handy.Photos are sharper and much less noisy than on the realme 2. Low light photographs mainly moves are very better.Portrait mode topics separation worked nicely and snap shots were pretty descent.
In this realme 2 pro cellphone we've got 16mp+2mp on back camera and 16mp for selfie camera.
This realme 2 pro cellphone comes in 3 variants 4GB RAM+64GB ROM,6GB RAM+64GB ROM,8GB RAM+128GB ROM.

Realme 2 pro cellphone details :

  • Battery comes with 3500mah.
  • Processor is Qualcomm Snapdragon 660 Octa Core 1.95GHz AIE Processor.
  • Camera 16+2 | 16 MP.
  • Item weight 499g.

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