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Vivo v11 pro cellphone specs

Vivo v11 pro cellphone details

Here our phone store brings you the most interesting cellphone in india vivo v11 pro. Let’s get start the highlights of this cellphone.

Fast Fingerprint scanner for this cellphone :

you know I hate it it's called an industry fingerprint scanner personally I like it, yes it's not as fast as the fingerprint scanners on the oneplus X or even the Poco f1, but it definitely is as fast as or faster than what Samsung offers on many of its phones and given the 18 by 9 fact that we've been saying for almost a year. Now almost every brand has been they've kind of moved their fingerprint scanners to the back and now we have rumors of something coming out with it on the sides the v11 pro cellphone where while using it I started to remember why I loved having the fingerprint scanner to the front it's just so much easier at a lot of times you know when you want to check things out when the phones are phones of the task it's just easier to scan you don't have to pick it up by the way there is a combined face and fingerprint option that lets the V 11 pro unlock based on either face unlock or fingerprint and that worked create - it's worth learning that there is an IR scanner included up top that helps with face cam accuracy especially under low-light overall the indisplay fingerprint scanner felt more like a value addition than a gimmicky oh it's a good job we go now remember for an in display fingerprint scanner to be implemented as of today we need a Super AMOLED screen so that's another advantage we've got a 6.41 and Super AMOLED panel here it's a 19.5 by 9 panel and since its Super AMOLED.I don't really have anything new to say it's Super AMOLED it's great the tiny notch at up top is also very unobtrusive I didn't mind it at all the fact that this was almost all display makes the v 11 pro feel more expensive fun much more expensive than it, actually is the back of the phone it looks good too but here's where we see how we were has managed to keep the price low it said dual tone kind of finish with the bottom shimmering it doesn't feel premium in hand since it's plastic and it also happens to get a ton of smudges but it does feel it ergonomic the curving sides and the oldest play front means that despite a humongous 6.41 inch display the vivo v11 pro feels very easy to use,they help to now the internals have been one area where brands with an offline focus like o warn people have traditionally compromised but thankfully that's not the case here not on the V 11 Pro cellphone.

Best processor for this cellphone:

 we have a very powerful Snapdragon 660 chip the 660 performs like a flagship chip from a couple of years back it's an upper mid-range chip and it can easily handle the full HD Plus display now the v11 pro runs on one touch OS 4.5 based on Android 8.1 Oreo and  OS is very very  iOS inspired but it's not just on iOS ripoff because just because it looks like iOS doesn't mean people hasn't put in any effort it's not a copy-paste in my time with it once I managed to get used to the basics like needing to pull up that control center or command center to adjust brightness or quick toggles instead of pulling down the notification bar you kind of started liking it you will not go as far as to call it  interface but I definitely wouldn't call it a bad interface either thanks to the software and the excellent hardware the V 11 pro cellphone is responsive and snappy for the most part the gesture based navigation was what I ended up using a lot it was good again not my favorite but it was quite good , so overall with regards to software and performance there is a learning curve here yes but once you've put up with it in time you will learn to appreciate what the v11 pro has to offer another area where we was done well is with regards to battery life we have a three thousand four hundred million power battery on and on paper 3100 mAh battery a powerful 660 lat 6.41 inch panel this should result in a just about average battery life but the V 11 Pro did much better it easily got me through a day on a single charge I ended most of my days with at least 20 to 30% juice left if needed people has support for dual engine fast charging that's what they're calling it they claim it's super safe but what I do know is that this is an 18 watt charger and it gets the home from 0-50 up in about thirty minutes .so it is super fast and Before we jump into camera is let's look at the miscellaneous stuff cell reception call quality no issues, single loudspeaker very large no distortion headphone jack present and accounted for outputs clean audio the regular v11 is not sold in India only the V 11 Pro cellphone is sold at least as of now that's six gigs of RAM 64 gigs of storage with a dedicated microSD slot for expansion that's amazing.

25 MP selfie camera cellphone:

let's now move on to cameras first we've got a 25 megapixel selfie camera in here it's got a bit of AI thrown in for beautification there's also a bunch of AR sticker options yeah there you go laugh it out anyway there's also some booted options with lighting here are a few more examples now the selfies do it or not well I didn't end up liking it now let's talk rear cameras here we have a 12 megapixel primary sensor with dual picks a lot of focus 1.2 8 micron size pixels and an F 1.8 lens this is coupled with a 5 megapixel secondary depth sensor and a good light the V 11 Pro shoots beautiful images there's a lot of details nice and rich colors the dynamic range is quite impressive too ,it's worth mentioning that the AI scene recognition works well here are a few more samples under low-light the performance deteriorates the images are noticeably softer the lack of OAS means the ISO needs to get boosted, hence increased noise do not that vivo does offer a full-fledged manual mode so you can tweak it get a little bit better pictures. if you want to on the video front at launch the v 11 pro did not have 4k capability but that got added later, so it does show that V voice being some kind of attention to updates the lack of any kind of stabilization though hurts the footage itself is well detailed but it is also a little sad to see 1080p 60fps missing now with that.Let's get to pricing the vivo 11 pro pro is priced at 26 thousand rupees and remember this is aimed at the offline market, so is best value for money phone.But it is a very solid offering from vivo that brings something like a futuristic in display fingerprint scanner and an almost all screen front without having any major cons so I was both surprised and happy with the v11 pro cellphone.

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