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Realme 3 pro cellphone details

Realme 3 pro cellphone specs and details

Hi friends today our phone store brings you the latest cellphone in market Realme 3 pro.Its having a 6.3 inch full HD+ LCD screen with gorilla glass 5 and sparked by the snapdragon 710 SOC which is octa-core processor based on the Cryo 360.It also has dedicated micro SD card slot a 16 megapixel rear facing camera with 5 megapixel depth sensor and 25 megapixel front facing camera also.
Lets talk about the screen that's the most important thing in this cellphone,this one has a 6.3 inch LCD full HD+ display the quality of this screen that they have put is actually really good and it's also predicted by gorilla glass 5 and there is actually a screen guard that is free applied to this smartphone,when we move to the storage of this cellphone it has 64 GB is the base one that comes with 4 GB RAM and there's also one more that'll comes to 128 GB of storage but the good thing is that this has a dedicated micro SD card slot, so even if you go for the base within that comes with 4 GB of RAM,you can expand the storage chip by adding a micro SD card so dedicated SD card that's a good thing.It's network calibration has been done very well.

Best earpiece quality cellphone :

The earpiece quality is also very important for smartphones,this cellphone has a very good earpiece quality it can actually go really loud,and moving to the speaker that's also important because we can also take some calls via speaker phone and it's just having a single speaker here at the bottom it's actually really loud.This cellphone also has the 3.5 mm headphone jack and and the sound quality you can get from this handset is really good, the some calibration even in the default mode without any equalizer and stuff was actually really good. 

Realme 3 pro cellphone has a latest processor :

Now let's talk about the processor of this cellphone, this is having the snapdragon 710 SOC and it's octa core processor based on the Cryo 360,it's a very fast processor and you can't face any issues and any lags or anything.It runs on the color OS 6 which i feel is improvement over the color OS 5 particularly in terms of RAM management what i've noticed the RAM management is a lot better.RAM management has been done actually well on this device.

Cellphone has fast charging :

Now coming to the charging of this cellphone,it has 4045 mah battery but the good thing is that it comes with VOCA fast charger within the box,yes you get the super fast charger within the box for this handset this is almost the same charger that we get with the oneplus devices.You can charge it with the normal charger also.

Camera details of this cellphone:

Now let's talk about the camera it has a dual camera setup and AI enabled cameras,so let's find out how the device performs in terms of the camera in this price.It comes with dual camera setup with primary 16MP camera with F1.7 aperture and the secondary 5 MP depth sensing camera it also packs an LED flash along with dual pixel autofocus.This selfie camera comes with 25 MP AI camera along with F2.0 aperture and screen flash included for low light selfies.This camera gives good quality shots in sunlight.

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