A Man Behind The Success Of Apple cellphones (IPhone)

There are many struggles behind the apple cellphone

The Apple cellphone is one of the best-selling smartphones on the market right now.This iPhone is a dream phone for many middle class people .Apple keeps the cost of its iPhone high. Most of the people are kidding that if they want to buy an iPhone they have to sell a kidney. But it's not a joke, actually.Apple's operating system is very different when compared to the rest of the smartphones.

Making of Apple-1

As a kid, Steve Jobs was a long way off from studying. He could only go to a few favorite classes. He was always learning new things.In 1976, he and his friend started Apple Computers and making machinery that is small and cheap to be accessible to the public.They made their first desktop computer named Apple 1.After the success of Apple 1,Steve Jobs and his friend started making big computers together.In 1977, another computer named Apple 2 was introduced.This was a sensation in California back then.

After that success, Steve Jobs took John Scully, the chief executive of PepsiCo, to develop his company Steve.Jobs was sent out from Apple two years later due to the clashes between Steve jobs and John Scully.

Steve Jobs Personal Life

Steve Jobs focused on his personal life after coming out of Apple. He Close up with his mother and his sister Mona Simpson after his father's death.In 1996, Mona Simpson released a novel titled "The Regular Guy".The hero character in the novel is based on the Steve Jobs character.Steve Jobs married Laurene Powell in 1991,They have three children

Steve Jobs started another computer company called Next, and film making company Pixar Animations.

Adviser of Apple Company

Apple has seen losses due to Steve Jobs absence.Gill Amelio has been hired as CEO to protect the apple company from failing.In 1997, Apple bought Next Company, which meant that the apple company should be viewed as a "very successful company".After Steve Jobs returns,Steve Jobs hired his next company employers to apple company. Apple's board of directors has decided to remove Amelio and replace Steve Jobs as CEO.But Steve Jobs refused. He said he would remain an adviser.

Designing of IMac

While working as an advisor, he formed a partnership with Microsoft.Because of this partnership Mac computers were manufactured in Microsoft Office.After that Steve Jobs took over as CEO.Johnny Ive(a designer) was hired at Apple after Steve Jobs became CEO of Apple.The first product Steve jobs designed with ivy was IMac.It is a desktop computer.The interior parts of the computer are designed to look good and attract everyone.The iMac is the fastest selling computer in Apple's history.It was launched in May 1998.

After that Apple has since opened its own retail stores.With his smartness,Steve jobs designed Apple Stores so grandly.The first Apple store opened in May 2001.

IPod entered into Market

After the success of Apple stores and I Mac,Steve Jobs Decided to Make a Portable Music Player.In 2001 Steve Jobs introduced IPod to market. With the new HardDisk technology, it was announced that up to 1,000 songs could be saved.In those days it created a sensation.

Apple cellphone(IPhone)

After that, In 2007, Apple released their first version of the iPhone.There are two important technologies in this iPhone: Full touch screen and a strong cover glass. IPhones have become so successful that by the end of 2010, more than half of all cellphone profits in the world came from the iPhone.Steve Jobs has transformed the apple name into the world's most valuable brand.We all know what the technology industry is like when an Apple cellphone product is released in the market.

In 2010 January apple launched IPad.In the first month of its release, the apple sold over 10 lakh iPads.The next nine months apple Apple has created a sensation by selling over one and a half crore iPads.These 3 products have completely changed the technology industry since its release into the market.

Steve Jobs is also known as the Father of Digital Revolution.Steve jobs died in 2011. Steve Jobs had a say in his last days. I've had a lucky carrer a very lucky life. I've done all that I can do.

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