The reasons for Nokia cellphones downfall

Reasons behind Nokia failure

Nokia originally started as a paper mill. It was Founded in 1865 by a mining engineer named Fredrik. Interesting thing here is that Nokia is a river name. Fredrik also owns Nokia and three other companies.In 1967, the three companies were merged into a Nokia corporation.In 1979, Nokia launched a joint venture with Salora Company, a maker of color TVs.A few years later Nokia launched the world's first international cellular system called the Nordic Mobile Telephone Cellular Services.

Nokia launching mobira

Nokia has bought it's first telephonic company called Mobira. In 1982, they introduced the first car phone Mobira Senator, which weighed 10 kg.In 1987, Nokia brought a phone called Mobira CityMan, which weighs only 800 grams.It is the first handheld mobile phone in the world This phone was very popular in those days.In 1989, Nokia changed the name of Mobira to Nokia Mobile Phones. The first GSM caller with a Nokia phone in1991 was Prime Minister of Finland.

In 1992,  Nokia first time launched their GSM phone called Nokia 1011.The device has 90 minutes of talk time and can save up to 99 contacts. In 1994, they brought the Nokia 2100 series.This is the first phone with Nokia Ringtone with Nokia logo. It was initially targeted to sell four lakh phones but sold over 2 crore phones.In 1998, Nokia released the 6100 model.This model was sold by Nokia over 40 million cellphones in a single year.In that season, Nokia was No.1 beyond Motorola.We saw the Snake Game first time in the nokia 6110 model.Nokia is well spread across all of the Asian countries.

Nokia released 8810 model in the year 1998.This is the first manufactured mobile without antenna. In the year 2002 Nokia released 6650 model.This is the first 3G mobile in the world.In the year 2003 Nokia released a budget friendly phone 1100. This model sold a total of 250 million phones.This phone is the world's best-selling electronic product.

First time Nokia seen losses

First Generation Phone Released from Apple in 2007.This Apple phone bothers Nokia company.In 2008, Nokia released the 5800 Express Music to overcome apple cellphones.This is also touch mobile,but the nokia phone is not as popular as the Apple phone.This is the first time Nokia has seen loss.

Android version 1.0 was released in 2008. It also had a huge impact on Nokia.On the other hand Apple cellphones sales have been on the rise.An example of Nokia's losses is that in 2009, Nokia laid off 1500 employees worldwide.

Since then, the Nokia market has started to decline.Everyone leaned toward apple and blackberry.While new companies such as samsung, LG and HTC have come into the market with Android software,But Nokia continues in the market itself with its own software, Symbian OS.

Nokia partnership with Microsoft

Faced with losses, Nokia announced a partnership with Microsoft in 2011.The Lumia 800 and Lumia 710 are the first phones to come in a combination of Microsoft and Nokia.These phones have been successful but Nokia has not been able to cover the losses.In the same year, Nokia laid off another 10,000 employees from the company.The subsequent Nokia Mobiles are sold well but were not able to receive the Nokia brand sales.In 2013, Nokia sold its mobile division to Microsoft.

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