Mobile smartphone is a great wonders of contemporary technology.It has delivered a brand new way to our life and communication system.It is a smartphone gadget that works without wire.It can be moved without problems and fast from location to region.Through cellular phone,we will ship messages from place to place,play games and sports activities,realize approximately time,solve the calculations,be aware of specific styles of information and views.Now the recognition of cellular phones is increasing.Many agencies are  promoting mobile phones.
   The price of mobile phone is also decreasing in comparison with the past.People being encouraged to buy a mobile phone set at a cheaper rate.However with the touch science and technology,the whole world seems to be a global village.In a very single moment,we can communicate with the people living in a very distant place.With all its advantages,the mobile phones has still some drawbacks in disguise.Though the price of its decreasing per minute,bill is not decreasing.so everybody cannot posses it scientists have recently discovered that mobile phone can cause cancer to the users.

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